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Welcome to Sim's Dungeon!

SIM'S DUNGEON IS CURRENTLY UNDER CONSTRUCTION - sorry! - at the moment I am uploading a totally new design for the site and I will be moving files around so skins not available until the new design is up and running Please come back soon though! :)

On this site you will find a number of skins that are a bit out of the ordinary skins we mean pastels and flowers and everyday casual wear. We think the skin world is full of enough of these skins so we have decided to make our own site to bring you unique alternative skins - clothes you would find on metal and punk fans, those with modern gothic tendencies and the pierced and tattooed Internet junkies of the new millenium.

30th August

Ok, thanx to Christina Chaos Sim's Dungeon now has a much better guestbook/forum which is in operation now (come check it out!) and many new walls and floors (which should be up very very soon).

1st August

6 new additions to the Dungeon today - 2 to the women's section and four to the men's...if you are familar with my work from TSR you may recognise three of the new male skins as I have already submitted them there but the other one is not up there yet...I'm thinking of not submitting anymore to TSR and keeping it all here from now on..but that really depends on how much publicity I can get for this site and what kind of feedback I get from it! Tell everyone to come here....come on please?! hehe


29th July

Ok just added two skins to the men's section - my Trent Reznor Collection and Owen's Metal Guy, these are previously unreleased skins and are the beginning of what I hope will be quite a big men's section, I have a number of skins to put here that are already made but it takes a while to upload each zip file and I think Id better do at least SOME studying this weekend so Ill put more up later tonight or maybe tommorrow - keep checking they will be here soon!


28th July

So far we dont have many skins up yet...the women's section has quite a number of my latest creations and one of Owen's (aka Genocyber2000) skins but thats all so far...hope it will be enough to convince you to come back soon when we should have our whole range up along with some new and not yet created skins!