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Trent Reznor Collection
Created By: Jenny.L
Credit To: Fionn, Crash

Collection of 3 skins of Trent Reznor - the man behind Nine Inch Nails. From the younger Trent with fishnets, boots, gloves and shoulder length hair - to his goatee period with black trench coat, white shirt, and black pants - to the Trent of today with shorter hair and sporting a dressier look.

Metal Guy
Created By: Owen.L

Japanese style button up dragon shirt, red and black textured baggy pants, chain, labret piercing,tattoos and black board shorts for swimming

Created By: Jenny.L
Credit To: Mad Hatter

Skin of Epic (Brett Mazur) - joint frontman of the Nu-metal/Rap/Hip-Hop Band Crazy Town. Wears long baggy pants and a black t-shirt over a white long sleeved t-shirt, comes complete with eyebrow ring and white/blonde patch of hair in front.

Fred Durst
Created By: Jenny.L
Credit To: Crash

Skin of Fred Durst - frontman of Limp Bizkit. Comes with tattoos, baggy jeans, a black DC Shoe Co. t-shirt, white skate shoes with black soles, and his trademark backwards red cap. Also includes swimming skin and nude skin.

Jesse Smith
Created By: Jenny.L
Credit To: Mad Hatter

Skin of Jesse Smith - drummer from hardcore band Zao. Sporting his look from their CD Liberate Te Ex Inferis - with tattoos, studded wrist bands, silver arm band, black shirt, and black pants with chain. Also comes with swimming and nude skins. Made on request for Aaron.

Created By: Jenny.L
Credit To: Mad Hatter

Orange and black spiderman shirt over baggy black pants with red and grey stitching up the left leg and on the back pockets, and white skate shoes. Comes complete with eyebrow ring and studded leather wristbands.

KoRn Guy
Created By: Makk
(Guest Artist)
Credit To: Mad Hatter

Dark grey Korn t-shirt with "got issues?" written on the back, over baggy black adidas "three stripe" trackpants. Also comes with tattoos, piercings and silver chain.

Created By: Jenny.L
Credit To: Superman

All of the members from the band Orgy - from left to right: Ryan, Bobby, Jay, Paige and Amir.