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.:Sims Dungeon's Head Tutorial:.
By Christina Chaos



Ahh, tutorials. I've never written one before. ^_^

In this tutorial I'm going (to attempt) to show you the basics of how I make heads. However, thats not just it! For the low, low price of something, this tutorial is compatible with both Jasc's Paintshop Pro (7) and Photoshop (not sure)!!

What you'll need

PaintShop Pro or Photoshop
A Sims viewing utility such as SimShow, Character Makeover, or SimPose. (Sim Pose will be used in this tutorial)
Facelift/Facelift Gold

Step One

If you don't have the items mentioned above, go download them. Don't worry, I'll wait on ya. ;)
Got everything? Ok, good. Once you've installed Facelift, if you wish, you can go into it and rip out the folder called 'faces' (roughly C:\Program Files\ Maxis\Facelift\faces) and uninstall it. I've pretty much found it to be worthless past those files. As a side note, I say to do this because I don't know anywhere to download the basic blank faces. If someone could tell me where to download them, that would be really appreciated.

Now that that ugly spot o' business is out of the way (or maybe you already had all that, eh who knows) we can get down to the heading!

Now ask yourself: what do you want your head to look like? Dark, medium, or light skin toned? Male, female, old, or young? Your possiblities are limited only by your imagination or the availbility of head meshes.

For this tutorial we will make a medium toned female using the ever popular 'Real Curl' head mesh by Fionn. Most people have this headmesh. However, feel free to use which headmesh you choose.

All of the 'Real Heads' require the basic blank faces that look like this:
See how the bottom of the chin touchs the bottom of the image. If it doesn't do that, then it will look funny.

When you make a head on an unfamiliar mesh, if possible, open up a skin that came with it and see its settings. As another note, most Maxis meshes use the images with a little bit of neck area.

On to actual skinnning! --->