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Step 4

There are bascially 3 ways to do eyes (at least in my opinion). You can leave them as they are, color them in, or draw your own.

Left alone



Left alone Colored in Drawn


Left alone: Well, uhm, you don't do anything to them. ^_-

Colored in
: First, as always, create a new layer. Pick your main color then choose a darker and a lighter shade as well. Taking your original color, draw a 3x3 square in the center of the eye, leaving the middle square blank. Now, using the darker shade, shade the outside edge. Highlight the inner corner square with your lightest shade. Ṿila!

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Drawn: In my opininon this isn't something that someone can teach you. Everyone has their own way of drawing eyes. Simply mess around with the paintbrush/pen tool until you find something that you like. After a while, it does get much easier. As a note: in general, pure white is way to bright to use in large amounts. Also, some people say not to use white to highlight as it does have a hanit of flashing at odd points in the game. However, this is left up to the artists own discresion. Its your head. Do what you want.

Now that thats out of the way, its time for lips. Ooh.

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