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Step 5

Like eyes, lips can be either recolored, left as they are, or redrawn.

Left as they are


Left as they are. Recolored. Drawn by hand.

Left as they are: Uhm, ....

Recolored: The easiest way to do this method is to take the magic wand tool and select the lips. To change their color using the Hue-Saturation-Lightness tool, in PSP: Shft+H or Colors/Adjust/Hue-Saturation-Lightness; Photoshop: Image/Adjust/Hue-Saturation or Ctrl-U. Fiddle around with the controls until you get something you like.

Drawn by hand: As always, make a new layer. Then, choose 4 variations of one color. Your darkest color is for lip line itself. The next is the main color. The two lighter are for highlighting. Make a basic lipshape with the main color, draw in the lip line with the darkest and highlight to your heart's desire (or until it looks right). Ooh, aah.

You can also use lips from photographs. As I have absolutely no experience with this, I can't explain how to do it properly. To make smiles, toothy grins, and frowns, simply edit the main shape of the lip and highlight and shade accordingly.

Well, we're almost done. Just have decreasing colors and saving left. Hooray!

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