All About Skins Superman's skins site, includes male, female and theme skins

The Skin Machine Makk's skins site - brand new so check it out

Castle Simtannia
Owen Glendower's site, includes skins, skinning tutorials and FAQs - great site for Ultima skins!!

Sim Freaks
Popular sims site. Charges for access.

Toyka's Skins Page
Very nice site with a number of gorgeous skins to download

Centerman's Sims Stuff Celebrity and wrestler skins. Even a skin of the Crocodile Hunter.

The Well Dressed Sim Objects, skins, heads, and more. All nicely done.

Nighttime Sims
Objects, skins, wallpapers, and flooring, some with a slightly gothic theme.

Home of Sim Goth. Skins, objects, houses, and coverings.

Seven Deadly Sims Possibly the most popular Sims site out there.

The Eight Deadly Sim
An adult sim site that charges for access.

The Sims Resource
Thousands of objects, wall papers, skins, and more. Partially a pay site; downloads rotate on a 3 day basis.

Jenova's Body Shoppe Some rather interesting skins and some very nice tutorials.

Ophelia's Little Page About the Sims
Excellent objects and a few skins.

Cheap Frills
Some of the neatest hacked objects around. Trampolines, a rideable broomstick, and more.

Trinkets and Treasures
Some of the neatest objects around.

Comic Skin Network
A gathering of comic, fantasy, Sci-Fi and Anime sites.

Killer Sims
Way to much on this site to list. A must see. Requires subscription to SimsHost.

Wulfy's Sim Shop
Awesome skins.

Candlelight Sims
The very first hacked items. A treadmill, a sprinkler system and more.

Caro's Sim Kagen
Some very neat stuff including a transperant floor and Mr. Maid.

Paladin's Palace
Home to a lot of programs. NPC replacers, an object organizer, and more.

Sim City Underground
Very nicely done skins, and some really cool objects.

Sultry Earth
Gorgeous skins.

Hacked objects galore.

Frilly Sims
Not really that frilly at all...

Tainted Love
Adult skins and objects. Some very nice corset skins here.
Some very interesting, and useful, hacked objects.

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